Lincoln Legacy Teaching and Learning Community 2024

Formerly FSI: Faculty Summer Institute
2024 Conference: 20-21 May at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign, IL
25+ Years Supporting and Connecting Instructors & Teaching and Learning Professionals

Call for Proposals

This coming May, the educators formerly known as FSI (or the "Faculty Summer Institute") will be gathering as the "Lincoln Legacy Teaching and Learning Community." The Steering Committee invites you to join us and share your insights and expertise.

We have long since outgrown the notion that we are simply a faculty group. Our presenters and participants include instructional designers, administrators, librarians, students, a wide range of technical experts--and, of course, a few faculty.

This year we are focusing on three themes:

  • Generative AI That Supports Student Learning: How is AI being used to enhance and support student learning? This might involve chatbots, debate coaching, prompt engineering, and similar topics.
  • Online Learning's New Challenges: We are facing new requirements, from Title II Accessibility to RSI (Regular and Substantive Interaction) mandates. What are some of the challenges we face in our online and hybrid learning, and how can we rise to meet them?
  • What's So Funny About Playful, Reflective, Slow Learning?: In the midst of all the new-fangled technologies and modalities, what are educators doing to cultivate good old-fashioned approaches to learning?

New this year, each conference theme will be addressed through a series of Lightning Talks followed by interactive sessions involving Hands-On Table-Top Activity and Birds-of-a-Feather Roundtable Topics.

We look forward to any and all of following types of engagement:

  • Workshops (about 50 minutes)
  • Lightning Talks (about 5 minutes)
  • Hands-On Table-Top Activities (about 50 minutes)
    • Run a Tech Demonstration
    • Conduct a Group Activity
    • Present a Poster
    • Show-N-Tell
  • Birds-of-a-Feather Roundtables (about 50 minutes)
    Propose and Facilitate an Informal Discussion

Please submit your proposal in either of the following ways:

Option One: Email Us Your Proposal:
Email your proposal (as an attachment in .pdf or .docx format) to Your attachment should provide the following information:

  • Full Name/s of Presenter/s
  • Email/s of Presenter/s
  • Institutional Affiliation
  • Session Title or Subject
  • Preferred Format (Please indicate one of the following: Workshop, Lightning Talk, Hands-On Activity, or Birds-of-a-Feather Roundtable Topic
  • Narrative/Abstract (Briefly describe your topic and plan.)
  • Other Comments or Questions for the Program Committee

Option Two: Fill Out Our Proposal Form:
Complete the following form: The form collects from you the same information as outlined above for an email submission.

We ask for submissions by Friday, 26 April 2024. Our Program Committee will consider submissions on a rolling basis and expects to inform all presenters by 3 May 2024.

Please address any questions or concerns to one or more of the following:

Additional Considerations:

  • Please include in your narrative what skills or prior knowledge participants will need to get the most out of your workshop. For example, "This session requires participants to have a basic knowledge of Twitter, Facebook, and similar social media platforms."
  • Workshops should include time for questions and answers (and other discussion with the audience).
  • Mac and tablet users should bring an HDMI or VGA adapter for the projector. Basic HDMI and VGA connections for PCs will be provided.
  • If you have any special requests for the room setup, please share them with the organizing committee in your proposal narrative (or as additional comments on the proposal form). Room setups typically take one of the following forms: classroom (long tables and chairs), theater (chairs only), banquet (round tables and chairs).